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Journal of an Inept Haus Frau

the dollar store is my place of worship

B. Zedan
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I was once very active on LJ. Now I just use it to keep tabs on folks I love and enjoy.

I have a moderately active blog that I can't figure out how to mirror here, that's the best place to see what I'm up to (plus, it has links to all the other places I am on the web). Because I work with multiple media and can get overwhelmed, I spend each month focusing on one thing. Sometimes the results are great, sometimes they are meh.

I have an early first draft of a short novel up for reading. It's called The Audacity Gambit, and the short description is that it's an existential fairy tale where everyone knows what's coming. It's not quite YA and not quite adult genre. I updated it weekly for about a year until it was complete. The table of contents are here.

Sometimes I look like this:
More often than not I look like this:
Current hair
Either way, I have ridiculous nails.

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